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Dial-A-Bug Pest Control is on the cutting edge of eliminating bed bugs. Our practical knowledge and hands on approach are unrivaled in the pest industry. Dogs have been used in law enforcement to sniff out drugs and bombs and are now they are used in the pest control industry to sniff out bed bugs. Learn more about our bed bug dogs.

We specialize in the detection and, treatment of bed bugs utilizing Bugsy, our canine bed bug informer. Bugsy is certified to sniff out live bed bugs, bed bug eggs and to accurately pin point their location. She is also a NESDCA certified canine. NESDCA, which is an acronym for National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association, is a certifying organization assuring quality standards of scent detection canines. For more information on our bed bug exterminator services visit our dedicated website at

We provide all facets of bed bug elimination including:

Chemical Treatment, Steam Treatment, Cryonite (Freezing),
and Thermal Remediation (Heat)

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NESDCA Certified

Are bed bugs bugging you? Let our bed bug dog Bugsy help find them!

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