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Professional Compactor Chute Cleaning Services

Dial A Bug Pest Control offers professional compactor chute cleaning in New York. Dirty trash compactor chutes may contain roaches, fleas, mice, bacteria ridden food remnants,organic odors, and toxins. Dial A Bug Pest Control effective method of cleaning and sanitizing trash chutes will eliminate these problems from your property as well as sanitize the source of unpleasant organic odors from hallways and basements.

Included in our service is cleaning and deodorizing of all compactor chutes. Thorough power washing of the main compactor. Cleaning and oiling of all hopper doors. A complete and thorough enzyme treatment to the trash chute. Labeling and taping of hopper doors prior to chute dusting. A trash chute program will prevent and help eliminate the following:

Organic Odors

Unpleasant Organic Odors

Eliminate the source of unpleasant odors from hallways and basements.
Mice Removal NY

Roaches, Fleas, Mice

Dirty trash chutes provide a perfect nesting place for insects and vermin.
Bacteria Chute Cleaning NY

Bacteria & Germs

Bacteria can build up and lead to unpleasant odors, and dangerous germs.

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